Yesterday was Lori's first day of school. She's been in school since she was 3, and I still almost cried when I took her to her 2nd grade class.

She was excited to go but scared. She has to make all new friends which is always scary. But she's a sweet child, so I have faith she'll make friends.

She got a new bike to ride to school too, but first she has to gain confidence. Right now, despite knowing how to ride, she wobbles all over and I had to put training wheels on it again. As soon as she's gotten stable I'll buy her a lock and she can start riding her bike to school(with me of course).

She had to walk ahead of me home from school so she could walk with her friend who lives next to us. She's acting so grown up. She talked me into her first training bra when we were clothes shopping.. A training bra! At 7! But, it fits. I've noticed she's showing the first signs of her body maturing, I'm not ready.

What is it with men?? When I told Edwin Lori got a training bra, he said 'What is she training?' I remember my grandfather saying something similar when I got my first one. At least Edwin didn't say it in front of her. I think men just don't get what a big milestone that feels like to us. Or at least to me as a girl, and apparently my daughter too.

Now that she's going, my son wants to go to school. We told him he had to go peepee in the potty before he could go. We'll see how that works out. I'm going to start looking into day cares for him to go to. Hopefully this will encourage him to try. He has the know how and can feel his body well enough to know he has to go, he just refuses to do it in the potty. *sigh* boys are harder than I thought.