Today was just one of those days. I woke up this morning to a sippy cup being banged against my face and "mama juice, mama juice, mama wake up, juice" so I tried hiding my face for a while, but he was mighty persistent. So I got up, put on yesterdays clothes and went down stairs to get him some juice that, might I add, he didn't drink, but set aside.
So, quashing my desire to hang him by his toes, I set out to make lunch for my daughter, and Edwin. I pulled out bread, but it was moldy. How does that happen from one day to the next?? Thankfully I had another loaf that I had just bought. I made the sandwiches and took my daughter to school.
I got home and David still wasn't dressed. But Edwin had time to watch TV. *sigh* Got the little man dressed and headed out to take Edwin to work. David fussed and complained the whole way. About various things, nothing major, just the sun was in his eyes and he dropped his car for the eleventy millionth time and I refused to get it, just stuff. It's nothing major, just when you're already having a rough morning, it grates.
So we get home, I turn on Go Diego, Go! and went upstairs to start cleaning house. I got a lot accomplished and was feeling much better. I headed downstairs to check on David again and spend some time playing with him now that I wouldn't be short with him. I head downstairs and he's watching the end of Diego but he had found a styrofoam cup to take apart while I was cleaning upstairs. So we picked that up and played trains.
After that it was pretty smooth sailing for the day, and I loved that. Sometimes, a morning that isn't great can color your whole day. I was glad to shake off my morning.


Leann said...

It's nice you were able to put the rough start behind you.