To conserve money we're considering going back to apt. living. We could save a couple hundred dollars in rent plus save on utilities. We could use that money to pay down our debt and be that much closer to where we want to be. The only pause we have is that we HATE apt. living! I mean....HATE IT.

But, it would be for just a short while. We'll have to downsize some of our stuff, but that needs to be done anyway. It's hard to see a down side when the short term won't be too bad and the long term goals will be met.

Plus, it's less area for me to clean!
I made my first cake from scratch today! I also made macaroni and cheese from scratch! I made fried chicken as well. I think MAYBE the cake will turn out ok. The cheese and chicken left something to be desired. Learning experience I guess. Hoping to do more scratch cooking but good lord it's time consuming and messy.. I'm in denial about my kitchen.

Thankfully today was a better day. Lori seems to have moved past the whining stage. She spent her day doing school work because it's preferable to doing nothing. So she's catching up! and she is not a pain anymore! I hope hope hope hope this continues.
That's what my 8 year old daughter told me. She was in a snit about her life. It sucks. No one has it worse. She has to DO THINGS before she can go outside to play, she has to do school work every day, she has to do her own laundry, she has to do her punishment for the full amount of time given. AWFUL!!!! She says "My life is just like a bowl of spagetti that never gets eaten!!"

I just don't know what her problem is. I swear, recently she's been so freaking moody that I'd swear she's going to start her period. Drives me crazy. I know that she's just doing what all kids do. You know, your parents are the meanest and eating your vegtables will kill you and doing chores is the worst.

Some days I just want to run away. She says she's convinced I'm going to get mad and strangle her. *DISCLAIMER* I've never hurt her or put my hands on her. I don't know what her deal is. I just know that it makes living with her difficult. 

The End