Boxes stacked everywhere
So little time
Stress grips my body
Leaving it tense

7 days from today
We move to a 'better' home
Closer to friends and family

But still hate moving
hate boxes
hate feeling like you never have enough packed

Three kids here this summer
with boxes and no cable
perhaps I should go back to bed.
After reading Ree's story about her concert I was reminded of my own.

It was for my birthday back in 2005. Edwin took me to Green Day.

Here's the original entry from my old blog.

Oh my god! So yesterday Edwin took me to a Green Day concert. I had so much fun! I can't even describe it! It was freaking awesome!!! Then we got to the car and Edwin had the car key in his wallet and it had broken! It had a crack in it, and I warned him it would break so now I got a fun "I told you so" moment.

Anyway so we're trying to decide what to do his key is in two pieces. Thankfully it didn't break in a lock. So we call his Dad cause Edwin didn't think trying to get a new key cut was feasible, despite my assuring him they could. So we decide to take the Max(Portland transit) to the airport.. Except the last one left like two minutes before we got there. So we take one to Gateway as per this bike cops suggestion to cut down on the cab fare.
Then we get a cab driver who can't find his way out of a paper bag but we make it to the airport.. Yes! We'll rent a car and tomorrow when he drops off the car he'll bring the spare key he has somewhere in his house and retrieve his car. But the rental places won't rent to him for various reasons.. Like Hertz didn't like his credit card. The computer wouldn't run it. The only other rental place open wouldn't because he doesn't have a land line phone, only his cell. So... We get advice to call a lock smith.. (Hmm that sounds familiar) So now it's after midnight and the concert ended at like 10:05. So we call one and the guy thinks it's a prank call.

SIDESTORY: The yellow page add I called first had a ad statement that said "We can make a key without a key' Which was basically what we needed. So I call the next guy after receiving no answer from that number and when the guy answers I ask "Can you make a key without a key?" apparently this isn't a good opening line because the guy hangs up on me muttering about prank calls.. Then he blocks the number.. *sigh* I wasn't in charge of the phone anymore... We all had a good laugh though.
So we finally find one but we have to get back across town so he says call me when you get there.. So we get another cab..(poor Edwin's bank account) and when we get back we can't get a hold of the guy.. He just doesn't answer. So we're sitting on the steps of the parking garage trying to reach the guy when security shows up! This guy stands with his hand on the front of his belt and rocks on his heel and is fat and mean and one of those "I wanted to be a cop but they wouldn't let me so now I think I'm bad ass in my security job.. Yeah you're a tool at like 1am. So he refuses to call our guy and says "We only deal with Pop-n-Lock thats who we'll call." At this point we just want to go home. We are tired and hungry. So he calls and is like well I'll check back so don't do anything.. Like we somehow have caused this or are trouble makers waiting to burn down a CONCRETE PARKING STRUCTURE. So the Pop-n-Lock guy comes and says "I can get you in the car but I can't get you a key." He asks why we called him since he doesn't do keys. So we tell him our whole story to this point the security guard. Now it's 2am, so he gets the yellow pages and tells us who he's heard good things about so we call. The guy we call can be there in an hour. So Mr. Pop-n-Lock jimmies the door so we can get our sweaters and have a warmer place to sit than outside. He spent like 45 minutes with us and doesn't charge anything for any of his services.. He's going to heaven.
So the guy comes and cuts they key within like 15-20 minutes. And charges $175 for the key and work. This leads me to believe I'm in the wrong damn field! (Jessica the locksmith..)

Finally at 3:30 were on our way and exhausted.. I nap and then we get food since we haven't eaten since like 1 that afternoon. Then Edwin is falling asleep at the wheel.
I'm better, I ate and napped so I'm feeling alert. It took me quite a while to get him to let me drive. Cause somehow to let the woman drive is weakness?? It's much better to crash! *men*

I offered to drive in Woodburn and he didn't pull over till after Enchanted Forest. I kept having to talk to him so he wouldn't fall asleep. He finally pulled over, so I drove into town and dropped everyone off and was singing loudly to try to stay awake.

Then we get home and I'm thinking Shannon(our sitter) will just stay till morning since it's 5am and we haven't' slept in nearly 24 hours. But she needed to go home. I flat out couldn't do it so Edwin who had been napping took her home. I went to bed and I was so dead I didn't hear him come in or turn off the lamp I left on in the room for him or anything I didn't even know he was home until I woke up this morning.

That was my first concert experience. I hope the next one I attend will have a little less drama.