Why on earth do people feel the need to be cruel? I mean, they're so judgmental. They see someone and judge them on sight.
Today at Rite Aid, as I was waiting in line to pay for an item, the guy in front of me was buying a cup-a-noodles. From what I overheard, it sounded like he was cents short like 33 cents. I happened to have some change in my pocket so, having been there myself, I offered it to him. I didn't think anything about it as I considered it one of those "random acts of kindness" things. Just like if a meter is out when I'm walking by, I'll drop a coin in, if I have one.
Well the woman behind the counter, who was already being rude and impatient, says to the man "And now you need to leave the store. We don't allow soliciting in our store." I looked at the man again and realized he's likely homeless. I told the woman, who saw the whole damn thing, that he didn't ask for it, I offered because I would have for anyone who had been short. She completely ignored me demanding that the man leave. The man offered to give me the change back, and the woman continued telling him he had to leave and was no longer welcome in the store. I tried talking to the manager about it, but he ignored me.
And as the man was escorted from the store, he stopped and handed me the change, and said "Thanks anyways." I just kept telling him how sorry I was. I had NO IDEA that he would be thrown out for that. How can someone take me being helpful as this man asking for money. When I first offered, he said no, then saw the line, and said thank you. He didn't ask for it, he didn't want to take it and that B*tch threw him out!!! I'm so freaking mad. I just can't believe it! Don't worry, I'll be calling management until someone listens.
Hope you all remembered to fix your hair! I always forgot picture day. Which may explain why there aren't any school pictures at my mothers. Hmm.. Something to be considered.
So here are some pictures of my family.

Here's my little man. He had curls curls everywhere.

Now, no curls. I was a little sad. So we're going to let him grow his curls back!

And my darling daughter and her gaps. She's lost 5 teeth so far!

All three of my kids. From left to right there is my step daughter Michelle, my son David, and my daughter Lori. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have more recent pictures of everyone to share!

My significant other, Edwin, and our son David. Look how styling they are.

And, because if I don't post one of me, Edwin will be cranky here's the most recent picture of me.

So there you go. The family, a posting, and I'm off the hook to write until tomorrow.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!
It's been awhile since I posted, I know, but things have happened. Like life. That seems to consistently get in the way.
I've had two sick kids and a sick husband. Ok, I guess I've really had three sick kids.
Men are such big babies.
We mom's get sick and we have to muscle on. We've got the stomach flu and are throwing up frequently but we still have to get the kids off to school and make meals. But our men get sick and they get to lay in bed and whine all day. Where's the justice in that?
Anyway, so we've had ear infections, stomach flu, bronchitis, and the common cold. It's been a rough little while.
Just wanted anyone who possibly reads this to know, I'm not dead, just busy. I'll post a real post soon. Maybe tonight if I have the energy. If not, maybe tomorrow...or next week. It could really go either way at this point.
After reading Lotus' post I decided to post about my medical issues. Might as well air the dirty laundry now and let y'all know I'm crazy now.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, I began having some muscle weakness in my hips and thighs. The doctors assured me that it was a normal part of the third trimester and not to worry. So I didn't. Well, after she was born, the weakness didn't go away. I was assured if I just gave it more time, things would be fine. Well, when she was about three months old, I fell down the stairs carrying her. I knew then that this wasn't something that was going to "go away" and that something was seriously wrong.

I went to my optometrist for a normal eye exam and during the examination he discovered that I was having double vision. I had had it for so long, I hadn't noticed. My optometrist suspected that perhaps I had a tumor on the back of my eye and sent me to my primary care physician with a letter from him stating what was wrong with my vision and what he suspected was causing it.

My primary care doctor disregarded my optometrists findings, and tried to diagnose me himself. I was put through the joy of an MRI on my neck to rule out a herniated disk. After some fighting between my doctor and optometrist I was finally sent in for an MRI on my head to make sure there was no tumor.

There wasn't. So I was sent to a neurologist. My first neurologist was a dimwitted jerk. He spent most of his time in the exam quizzing me about birth control and sex. See, I was single. I was on birth control for heavy periods and regulation of periods. But, I was on birth control, so when I said I wasn't currently sexually active, I was lying. Cause, you know, only whores go on birth control. After arguing about whether or not I was lying about my sexual activity(which what does that have to do with double vision and muscle weakness?!?) he informed me it was all in my head and nothing was wrong with me. Right.. So I marched myself immediately over to my PCP office and informed him he would be referring me for a second opinion. He hesitated and tried very hard to sway me to thinking I didn't need a second opinion, but finally relented just to get me out of his office.

My second neurologist, I worship her. She was awesome! I wish I could pack her up and take her everywhere with me. She spent about ten minutes listening to why I came in and performed a simple test with her pen and was pretty sure she had it figured out. I'm sorry, did you catch that? TEN MINUTES! DID A TEST WITH HER WRITING INSTRUMENT!! See why she rocks?

So some blood work and an IV injected drug later we had a positive diagnosis. Ok, really that happened over the course of a week, but still. So anyway, I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. Which, long story short, is where your antibodies get confused and attack your muscle receptors(that's what gets the signal from your brain to move).

So I had to go get a chest CT. Which showed a nice growth on my Thymus and some nicely enlarged lymph nodes.

That meant I got to go in and have a thymectomy which is where they open your chest and remove your thymus. At this point I was 19. Kind of a lot to take in. I had been dealing with this for nearly a year. I know this because I had my surgery early enough so that I would be able to be active in my daughters upcoming 1st birthday party.

I was fortunate in all of this because they growth on my thymus, wasn't cancerous as they had feared. Score 1 for me!

So, after the thymectomy my symptoms largely resolved and I've been in remission for a very long time.

However, other things have kicked my butt since then. Like depression. I've had issues with depression since high school. But with adulthood, came more severe depression. Maybe that isn't the best term. Perhaps not more severe, just different. I have good days and bad days.

To help make me less crazy I stopped birth control, because my body was going insane, which was making me insane. I also went and saw my doctor and explained how the crazy was leaking out of me and coating my family in anger, unhappiness, and despair. I was giving my family everything that was going on inside me. Not a very nice gift.

So with the pills and the wonderful support of my family, and even more so my significant other, Edwin I've been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I forget my meds sometimes. Not because I don't think I need them, but because I'm horrible with pills! I have a timer set on my phone now and Edwin reminds me. He reminds me because without them, I have trouble getting out of bed, I yell at the kids, I hate who I am, don't want to be with him anymore, and fight with him non-stop. Yeah, I get pleasant.

But he helps keep me on track and is patient when I'm crying and angry for no reason what-so-ever and it's all his fault, even though he's been home about two minutes. He's brave. Or crazy. It could go either way.

But I do ok now. I'm in remission, I am getting help with getting my depression and mood swings, and one day, maybe they'll find a way to cure either of my problems. That'd be nice. I think, had I a choice, I'd pick the depression. Not because it's worse than Myasthenia Gravis, but because it effects so many people. People I know, other that I don't. That could be the best possible thing to find a cure for. It would make SO many peoples lives SO much better.

So those of you out there who are budding bio-chemists, work on that.

So this morning we started our day in my most favorite way...we woke up late. And not like darn I overslept ten minutes kind of oversleep. Like I try and wake up around 6-6:30, and I woke up at 7:38! I watch Edwin hop out of bed and run to the shower, while I lay there wondering why he bothers rushing. He takes an hour long shower. I'm sure rushing to jump in really helped speed things up.

Anyway, back to my story, I go out in the living room to start getting the day going, and Lori is sitting on the couch watching tv. At least she was dressed and ready for school. She even had her shoes on.

That was a plus, so all I had to do was get me ready. Having already asked Edwin if he wanted a ride to work(no) I knew I only had to get comfy enough for housework and a trip up the driveway to the bus stop. Seems pretty simple to me. Of course, I get back in from taking Lori to catch the bus, and Edwin has decided I better take him. *sigh* So I get David up and dressed and loaded into the car.

All morning David had been in a foul mood, really whiney. Which is GREAT cause who doesn't love a cranky baby?? And we get Edwin to work and on the way back home, David vomits those two sippy cups of milk he had this morning back up all over his car seat and self.

Have you ever actually SMELLED vomited milk?? It's nasty.. Like it was 38 degrees out and I had the windows down on the highway. BLECK!

So we get home, I carry his entire car seat in, put it in the tub, and hose him down. Then down for nap he goes.

Edwin IM's me and informs me that his contact has ripped and can I bring him another. With no car seat and a sleeping baby. Thankfully, my neighbor had nothing to do and was willing to watch him.

And now, now I have to go and ad-lib dinner. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up. I should have slept the day away. Probably would have been simpler.
Welcome to my blog. I will chronicle life with children and a spouse. It's hard, now I'm going to share it with you!