Hope you all remembered to fix your hair! I always forgot picture day. Which may explain why there aren't any school pictures at my mothers. Hmm.. Something to be considered.
So here are some pictures of my family.

Here's my little man. He had curls curls everywhere.

Now, no curls. I was a little sad. So we're going to let him grow his curls back!

And my darling daughter and her gaps. She's lost 5 teeth so far!

All three of my kids. From left to right there is my step daughter Michelle, my son David, and my daughter Lori. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have more recent pictures of everyone to share!

My significant other, Edwin, and our son David. Look how styling they are.

And, because if I don't post one of me, Edwin will be cranky here's the most recent picture of me.

So there you go. The family, a posting, and I'm off the hook to write until tomorrow.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!