So this morning we started our day in my most favorite way...we woke up late. And not like darn I overslept ten minutes kind of oversleep. Like I try and wake up around 6-6:30, and I woke up at 7:38! I watch Edwin hop out of bed and run to the shower, while I lay there wondering why he bothers rushing. He takes an hour long shower. I'm sure rushing to jump in really helped speed things up.

Anyway, back to my story, I go out in the living room to start getting the day going, and Lori is sitting on the couch watching tv. At least she was dressed and ready for school. She even had her shoes on.

That was a plus, so all I had to do was get me ready. Having already asked Edwin if he wanted a ride to work(no) I knew I only had to get comfy enough for housework and a trip up the driveway to the bus stop. Seems pretty simple to me. Of course, I get back in from taking Lori to catch the bus, and Edwin has decided I better take him. *sigh* So I get David up and dressed and loaded into the car.

All morning David had been in a foul mood, really whiney. Which is GREAT cause who doesn't love a cranky baby?? And we get Edwin to work and on the way back home, David vomits those two sippy cups of milk he had this morning back up all over his car seat and self.

Have you ever actually SMELLED vomited milk?? It's nasty.. Like it was 38 degrees out and I had the windows down on the highway. BLECK!

So we get home, I carry his entire car seat in, put it in the tub, and hose him down. Then down for nap he goes.

Edwin IM's me and informs me that his contact has ripped and can I bring him another. With no car seat and a sleeping baby. Thankfully, my neighbor had nothing to do and was willing to watch him.

And now, now I have to go and ad-lib dinner. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up. I should have slept the day away. Probably would have been simpler.