I'm 7 weeks pregnant as of today.

So far it's been pretty easy. Things are going well so far. Have my first appointment on the 10th.

I think I'm working on a bladder infection. That does not excite me at all.

I am holding my breath until the first trimester is over. Then I'll go REALLY crazy. :)

I seem to be having some pretty gnarly blood sugar issues. I have to eat every couple hours or I get irritable, shaky, nauseated, and dizzy. Fun at every turn.

But all in all it's been easy so far. Only thrown up once. I am tired a lot but not daily. It comes and goes. Some days are great, others I wish the kids could do their own thing all day so I could sleep.

See?! There's good reason for having large gaps between children!

The kids are doing well. David is getting tall. Still can't say his R's. Still w's. "Pawents" "Lowi" Kinda cute honestly.

Lori's almost done with this year of school, she's excited to start summer. Not sure what we'll do this summer but we have some thoughts. Do some fun "stay-cation" type stuff. Local camping, day trips to local places. Can have fun on a budget, right?