I was listening to an Ambien commercial tonight and heard that one of the 'side effects' was 'being aggressively normal'...... What does that even mean??
Oh gracious, how could I have forgotten how a period without hormones feels?? Maybe it's like childbirth and the memories become fuzzy.

I lost my IUD last weekend so I'm hormone free. My body is not loving this. I did some research about post IUD bleeding and it seems I may have a long row to hoe.. Fun! Some women have been in the ER from blood loss. Thankfully that isn't the case here, but it certainly gave me pause!

While lying on my couch dying, my darling David has been very good with snuggles, hugs, and keeping himself occupied! My little girl is less forgiving. She is very demanding. Different kids different personalities. By 5pm I was ready to beat her if she asked to go outside or play on the computer one more time! Which, can I say, she stopped playing on because she deleted a program from my desktop!

Oh children you are my challenge.

The kids found out that Michelle is coming on Saturday and are psyching themselves up. I know they'll have fun but gracious it'll be busy!!

Still haven't heard from Lori's Dad about summer visitation. Not sure how that will pan out.

In other news, I'm going to try selling Avon.. So here's my site, come buy product!

To help lessen our impact on the world we've taken the following steps:

1) Use organic cleaners when ever possible. Our favorites right now are Clorox Greenworks.

Their products work just as well for me. I am also able to replace the glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner by just using a spray bottle with the 'Natural Dilutable' cleaner in a spray bottle mixed per directions.

2) Seems like a given, but many people don't do this. We RECYCLE.
We reuse when we can, recycle when we can't. When we are able to, we'll also compost. If you recycle, reuse, and compost, there is little that goes to the landfill. Every two weeks(when our recycling is picked up) our recycling is over flowing, but each week our garbage can contains only one or two bags. That's for 5 people.

3) We take short showers. I shower in about ten minutes, 15 if I take my toddler in with me. By sharing the shower, I'm saving the 20 minute bath he'll take later that always turns to shower for the rinse. My 8 year olds have strict time limits for showering. No sitting under the water playing.

4) This summer I'll be drying half or more of my laundry outside. Why use the dryer when it's so darn hot out there? The only thing I wish I had? A bigger drying rack.

5) We microwave whenever possible because it takes less energy than heating up our stove or oven.

What do you do?