Oh gracious, how could I have forgotten how a period without hormones feels?? Maybe it's like childbirth and the memories become fuzzy.

I lost my IUD last weekend so I'm hormone free. My body is not loving this. I did some research about post IUD bleeding and it seems I may have a long row to hoe.. Fun! Some women have been in the ER from blood loss. Thankfully that isn't the case here, but it certainly gave me pause!

While lying on my couch dying, my darling David has been very good with snuggles, hugs, and keeping himself occupied! My little girl is less forgiving. She is very demanding. Different kids different personalities. By 5pm I was ready to beat her if she asked to go outside or play on the computer one more time! Which, can I say, she stopped playing on because she deleted a program from my desktop!

Oh children you are my challenge.

The kids found out that Michelle is coming on Saturday and are psyching themselves up. I know they'll have fun but gracious it'll be busy!!

Still haven't heard from Lori's Dad about summer visitation. Not sure how that will pan out.

In other news, I'm going to try selling Avon.. So here's my site, come buy product!


Leann said...

perfect timing!! My Avon rep just retired. And I love Avon, the 'stuff' not so much the makeup unless I can get some samples to try.

Michelle being there today explains your lack of being online. Busy, busy Mom.

Hope you enjoy and don't get too stressed out!

Jessi said...

Me too!

Great, I'm hoping to make some money for me!!

The make up.. I look at it as not being any different than buying un-tested at the store, you know? And it's less expensive. I'm going to get some eye shadows and such when I can.