So as all my (1) readers know, Monday is my birthday.

So far I've gotten an offer to babysit(though I may have misunderstood what was said) and a book with gift cards tucked in(Thanks Rodney!).

We'll see if anyone else remembers. My family is famous for being spacey!

So Elizabeth(read Edwin's baby mama) has a chance to get tickets to the OSU game on Saturday afternoon and we would LOVE to go, problem is, it's 2 tickets. So we have to find a sitter if we want to go(hello above offer?). And we have to know tonight, so perhaps this won't work out but I'm keeping fingers crossed.

I would love to be there shouting at the players and the ref's.. Oooooo Ssssss Uuuuuu Oregon State FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. David would love going too, every Saturday he watches with his father "my football. I watch my football."

Yes, my kiddo totally talks in lowercase.
Ah life, I've heard since a small child you aren't fair, and I'd like to tell you that you suck.

Recently I feel you've been kicking me when I'm down.

We've been considering buying a house for a while now, off and on. Edwin won't even consider going to the bank for a pre-approval letter to see what we're offered. I tell him it's not a commitment, it's just information, but...he's him.I've found this beautiful house for $175,000 4 bedroom, 1910 farm house, 3 stories, detached garage that appears to have been a small barn. Fenced yard, quite neighborhood. I'm in lust and he agrees it might be perfect and I was able to get 'anonymous' loan quotes based on info we provided but we don't understand what half of it means and he wants to know if we get them, but then not do anything about them. The payment estimate is slightly higher than our rent, which really? why should we pay someone else's mortgage?

In other news the kids are doing well. David is growing and learning, well...I'm trying to teach, he's resisting learning. A lot. We tried A makes the 'ah ah' sound like ah ah apple and he FLIPPED OUT saying it wasn't 'ah ah apple just APPLE' and over and over and over..we never moved past that. So I need to find other teaching methods. He's so literal he's going to be tough.

We checked into tutoring for Lori but the costs are SO prohibitive. Don't know what we'll do. Maybe check ad's for a less spendy private tutor? Doesn't answer the issues of testing.

Thought I'd update since I hadn't in forever. I'll leave you with a cute picture:

David and his portrait entitled "Haha got your camera mom"