So as all my (1) readers know, Monday is my birthday.

So far I've gotten an offer to babysit(though I may have misunderstood what was said) and a book with gift cards tucked in(Thanks Rodney!).

We'll see if anyone else remembers. My family is famous for being spacey!

So Elizabeth(read Edwin's baby mama) has a chance to get tickets to the OSU game on Saturday afternoon and we would LOVE to go, problem is, it's 2 tickets. So we have to find a sitter if we want to go(hello above offer?). And we have to know tonight, so perhaps this won't work out but I'm keeping fingers crossed.

I would love to be there shouting at the players and the ref's.. Oooooo Ssssss Uuuuuu Oregon State FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. David would love going too, every Saturday he watches with his father "my football. I watch my football."

Yes, my kiddo totally talks in lowercase.


Rodney said...

well if i lived closer to you & the family I'd be happy to watch the little ones for you.

Leann said...

Well the grandma aka babysitter is so there for you!! I want to watch the game too, so Dave can sit with me and watch and the girls can go play :-) I hope their performance is better this week than last. That was pitiful.