So today I'm posting to avoid starting my mid-term. We thankfully have a take home. More time to procrastinate!

We are starting our planning and research for homeschooling. I'm at my wits end with the school system and am not going to fight anymore.

Applying again for OHP. Cause I love a good fight.

Have to take David to get his vaccs and a check up. Not to mention everyone needs some dental stuff. Well, not David. He seems to have ok teeth aside from being chipped.

I'm a little concerned about how easily they chip as my fraternal grandfather had 'soft' teeth where they would flake and break. He ended up with dentures early on.

The 'swine flu' is about. None here in Oregon as yet. People flip out over anything. It's just like West Nile and the Bird Flu. This isn't even the first time the swine flu has made the pig to human jump. There have been two others. 1976 at a military base and 1988 in like Ohio or something. Each of them originated at a fair where they had been around pigs. So I feel confident if I keep washing my kids hands, we'll be ok.

um... I suppose that's it. See, not much to update.
Too soon to go, but heaven needed this angel back. The world is better for her presence. Thoughts and prayers to her parents. She smiles down on us.