So Edwin had an interview on Friday for a job in Hillsboro. It was our weekend to go to Oregon anyway so we all went down a day early. Since his interview was expected to take 4 hours, I took the kids to the Portland Children's Museum to play. Well, about an hour and a half in, Lori went to a place where only kids older than 6 can be, and I took David to the art section to color and play with clay. While sitting in a wonderful child size chair that he could get easily in and out of, he reached for a crayon, became unbalanced and fell out of his chair. He hit the table on his way down. I figured he was ok, just a little hurt, because my son falls ALL THE TIME. Then I saw the blood. And the huge gash under his lip. So I scoop him up and run to get papertowels to help stem the bleeding. I give the required incident information for their form and get directions to the nearest hospital.

When we get in the car, he's done crying and doesn't seem to notice his lip. So as I drive toward the hospital I debate what to do. He's fallen asleep(it was past his nap time) and so I park, get out, and go back to take a good look at his injury, since he's sleeping and not yelling at me.

It's pretty deep and continues to kind of weep. So I decide I can't leave a message on Edwin's phone telling him I'm at the hospital, that would freak him out. So I make the very hard decision to go and get him paged out of the interview.

The company was SO understanding about it and were offering rides, directions, ect so we can get him taken care of.

We take him to an urgent care that is nearby and they suggest we take him to a hospital that is supposed to have an excellent children's emergency room.

After a total ordeal that I'll discuss later with the staff, we emerged with a stitched up baby.

It looks small now that it's all stitched up, but it looked HUGE and TERRIFYING when it happened. Maybe it was just because my baby was hurt.

So he got stitches, and his sister got freaked. She felt so bad for him. She was crying for him.
But all in all it wasn't too bad. They have to stay in 5 days, so can come out tomorrow. Poor baby boy. But it was bound to happen because it's part of who he is.

Also, he chipped another tooth in this ordeal. He had previously chipped a top front tooth after falling while playing with his sister a while ago. This time he appears to have chipped a bottom tooth. Small chips, but boy by the time he's done, he'll look like a hockey player!


insane mama said...

poor baby they always bleed alot and then it turns out to be nothing
Just wait until they are teenagers