So we went to the store on Sunday and I convienced Edwin to let me get potty training stuff. David is almost two, time to get him thinking about it.

So we got the Pull-Ups that turn cool when you pee. The hope being he'll feel it, stop peeing and let us know. We'll see how it goes. Better than the ones that just are like a diaper.

We already had the potty chair. He hates it because it has a squishy seat. It's supposed to make it more pleasant, but he doesn't agree. Not sure what I'll do about that.

And we got him underwear. Little boy underpants. He got to choose, and he oddly enough chose Seaseme Street. He's never seen the show, but he liked the way these looked.

Now is when I mention that Edwin HATES like HATES Elmo. So Dad was THRILLED that Dave chose these.

I told Edwin "Look at the bright side. At least they don't sing!"

If looks could kill I'd be dead.

Hopefully now that we have the 'tools' we'll be able to get him on the potty road. Edwin is doubtful, but I'm hopeful.

I'll keep you updated.