I had a nightmare last night and I can't shake it off. We've all had those right? Mine wasn't about a dead relative or anything. It was about a good day that went very bad.

I dreamt I was at like a fair or something with my best friends Holly and Emily. Their mother was waiting in the car for us, for whatever reason. We had just finished picking up some treats from the bakery and some Dr.Pepper and were leaving. As we head across this large lawn towards the parking lot, this robot firecracker gets set off. It's HUGE like, bigger than life size metal robot firecracker. At first we're thinking it looks pretty cool flying around...then it starts to ball up and spin like some firecrackers do before exploding, and it occurs to me that if it explodes, that's going to be a lot of shrapnel. But it doesn't explode, instead it just shifts directions and flies into a building, which knocks it over into another building, and a piece fall off the robot. We start to run towards the buildings to try and save who we can because it was a dorm for OSU, but I realize that since it's been flying in a U pattern, it'll be back, so I stop us and we run back to the open field. We watch as it hits another building sending it toppling over knocking off another piece of it. Eventually it's just its rocket booster things from it's feet that are left, and it's knocked all these buildings over, and it changes course out of that area. We run to the car to tell Mary Lou what has happened and to call our signifigant others who have the kids and are far away(like out of town). We can't get through to our s.o.'s or kids, so we get in the car. We're telling Mary Lou what happened and she's being kind of 'who cares' about it almost like she doesn't believe it really happened. And as we get in the car, the rocket boosters hit another building, and knock it down. We head out of town across a bridge, and all these people start running the other way. I tell Mary Lou we need to turn around or speed up, but she doesn't listen and I see all the cracks in the bridge, she finally reverses but it's too late and we fall from the bridge. As we fall toward the water, I think there's one rocket booster left and yell at everyone in the car to wait until the we know nothing will fall on us to get out into the river.

I woke up just before we hit the water. And now I can't shake the dream. It's silly. A huge robot firecracker?? But I can't shake it. I hate dreams like that.

Also, it snowed last night.