Since this last weekend, we've been putting David in shorts with no underpants in hopes he would use the potty. And he did! Well he had one accident but that was because he was playing with his sister and cousin and delayed going pee too long. But even in his pullup tonight, he told me he had to go pee! So we ran to the bathroom and he suddenly stops short and refuses to go in the stall. Well I drag him in there while he's screaming "I no pee" and pull down his pants, and he's peeing all over the floor...geez! So I pinch his penis and shift him to the potty. Thankfully he didn't get his pants, just the floor. I was at a loss as to how to clean it up, so I told the staff there was a puddle when we went in there and they should get it cleaned up... Maybe that makes me horrible. So one more hurdle cleared! Now we strive for consistency!!
We thought maybe the loose fitting shorts were helping and went to the store to get him boxers, but they don't make boxers in his size. They start at 4T, and he is still a 12mo waist but 4T length.. Wish he'd put on a little weight.

Anyway so a good day over all. Tomorrow will be filled with stress as my father is having open heart surgery. Aortic valve replacement and a double bypass. Hopefully I'll hear from someone by early afternoon. Cross your fingers for us.