So, after getting past my anger at the school system, I made some phone calls. My girl has an appt on April 2nd for testing for dyslexia, instead of discussing whether she's behind enough for help. Looking at homeschooling her for a while. Play some catch up. Drop my classes. The thought of doing it pains me, but I made the choice to be a mom, and that comes first.
We're fortunate enough that me having an income isn't necessary. May as well put that to good use.
I feel really strongly that my girl will benefit from one on one. Her brother will still go to preschool when it's time, but no reason to rush him into child care. They say kids do better the longer their home with their moms. Well see if thats true.

My mom was up visiting today. We always enjoy the company, but she seems to be mostly baby sitter extraordinaire while here so I can play catch up. Between preparing meals, homework, kids, and errands, something slips..usually housework(Hello! Sink dirty bathroom!) and my homework slides more than it should. But, there is only so many hours in a day and I do the best I can.

My dad had open heart surgery. They originally were going to replace his aortic valve and a double bypass. Instead he got his aortic valve replace, the aortic arch, and triple bypass. He's a little sore, but doing well. Apparently my grandparents are all up in arms that we didn't call dad in the hospital, but really? After surgery like that, you're either too drugged to keep focus or remember who called, or you're sleeping. I knew we'd talk to him when he left the hospital. I enjoy the time in the hospital, I find relaxing to be honest. Someone cares for you and all you have to do is tell the nurses to bugger off and shuffle to the restroom(assuming it's permitted). Although I think my dad got better drugs than I did for mine surgery. He was seeing orange parashutes, people who had firecrackers coming off their bodies(sounds like aura's huh?) that weren't there but he could talk to, and he could see with his eyes closed. Sounds like a trip!

I'm finally tired so I'm going to head to bed.