So it's spring break up here. It's a week full of late nights and bored children. Unfortunately, this year, it's also a week of having a sick man in my house.
Something magical happens when men get sick. They morph from adults who bring home the bacon and are the protectors of the household, to toddlers who need a mommy. They need to be cuddled, cared for, pampered... They whine, oh lordy do they whine, and throw tantrums!
I know I say I want another kid, but I'd like one that isn't 28.
What causes this change? Most women I know get sick and just want to be left alone with the occasional delivery of soup and water. Otherwise, don't look at us. But men, complete opposite. They need you more than a newborn.

So this week, I have three children. I'm listening to an orchestra of sniffles, and whines.

So, as it's nearly midnight, and he's still not coming to bed, I can safely add whining about being sleepy to his list tomorrow.

Here I bid you farewell, as I have to go take the garbage and recycling out because SOMEONE is too sick to help.


Leann said...

I'm sorry to hear he is sick again. I don't understand the need to be treated like a child but there must be some appeal to it. Obviously.