Today I turned the Pandora station to Christmas Music and dug up the box of decorations. I was surprised, as I am every year, that I only have a single box of decor. I mean, really?? We need to get with the family making homemade decorations thing.

So as I'm unpacking the box, I'm hanging things. Pretty much putting them up in the same order they came down. So the first thing to go up is my tinsel and multicolored light strand that I wrap around our banister every year.

This year, David is old enough to get into christmas. He watched my drag it out and plug it in so I could begin replacing bulbs and untangling it. He instantly fell in love. He declared them "his colors" and that he loved them. He just stands looking at them like they're the best thing ever.

When I set up our tiny fake tree with it's lights, he had a similar response. He came downstairs and gasped and pointed "What's that?!"

I love this stage. When they start noticing all the pretty lights and decorations that go up this time of year. I wish I could have kids forever just to repeat this stage. Where christmas and birthdays become something they 'get'.

I've got plans for making ornaments this year with the kids. Perhaps we'll make several and send them to grandparents. Who doesn't want a felt covered picture decoration? I know that the time I have to do things like this with the kids is limited. So this year, I hope to do it all. Gingerbread houses, baking cookies for Santa, making ornaments, ect.

I want my children to have warm fuzzy memories about xmas and family time like I do of my childhood. There are many things I can't give my children, especially this year, but I can give them happy memories and love. And at the end of the day, that's what matter most.


Leann said...

Oh my daughter. It is times like this I am so proud of you I could cry. And burst. I am so proud of the person you have become.

Love you always