So Mrs. Flinger is hosting a challenge called {W}rites of Passage. Because I'm SO qualified, I thought I'd take the challenge. At the very least it'll get me posting, right?

So today's challenge is Embarrassing Moments. I'll have to reach some because I rarely embarrass myself. It's not like I'm clumsy like the day is long or say things that I shouldn't. I'd never do anything like that.

Now, after some digging I remembered dumping tomato soup on my lovely new white blue jeans. I remember some period horror in Jr. High.

By far though my most embarrassing memory is being busted for being where I shouldn't. I was a teen, though barely, and Jo, my best friend in the whole wide world, was two years older.

As an adult, two years isn't a huge deal, but as a teen? HUGE. FREAKING. DEAL. Not to mention I had a big ol' crush on her older brother.

So, back to the story. I got permission from my father to stay the night with my best friend, Jo, but was told to go directly to her house(two blocks away) and call when I got there. Well I got there and Jo suggested going to a popular teen hang out where the owners were lax about the rules. They would look the other way while we played the juke box, played pool, and smoked. The ultimate of cool at that age. Of course, we headed directly there.

Anyone catch what I forgot to do?? Oh yeah, call my father.

So after hanging out and rocking out to Black Velvet, I see my father drive by. I immediately left my perch on the bar stool and slunk to the ground. Nothing suspicious about that right?

In walks my father, with my little brother in tow, and he spots me and stomps across the room.

Now, at this point, I'll tell you that my father was a police officer. He no longer worked there, but he was remembered. Everyone gave him a wide berth. He came over and yelled "ARE YOU HIDING FROM ME?!" To which I replied "No, I purse. See?" Holding up the purse that hadn't left my shoulder all night. He yanked me up so fast my teeth slammed together and threw me over his shoulder.

At this point, the floor could have opened up and swallowed me at any point, and that'd have been fine with me. But no, life doesn't work that way. I glanced up to see Jo wave bye and the oh-so-hot brother and his oh-so-hot friends laughing at me.

I'm actually feeling a little embarrassed right now just remembering. I never went back there or forgot to call my father ever again. Not that I was let out of his sight for ages, but you know, once I could, I called without fail. Lesson learned, Dad, lesson learned.


Leann said...

OMG.....I laughed so hard!!

was this when I was absent because I do not remember this. Or hearing about this. I can picture your father throwing you over his shoulder and not thinking twice about what it would look and feel like to you. He is completely focused on looking like the authoritarian/bad guy. Life...gotta love it.

Lynette said...

Shit. If I didn't know my Dad was never a cop, I would think you and I had the same father.