So today I'm feeling much better, but to put that in perspective yesterday I laid on the couch and made Lori help with David. And of course by "help" I mean do it all. I was one sick puppy. The kids had sandwiches for lunch and dinner because Edwin was at work. Today I'm slowly putting the house back to rights. A single sick day for mom means a destroyed house. Thus far I've caught up on dishes(you wouldn't think there'd be so many since there was no cooking) swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and put the slip cover back on our couch after washing it.

Which brings up the second part of this title. When I lifted up the couch to secure the slip cover I saw a HUGE crack down the middle of our front support in our couch. So now we have to try and find a new one. *sigh* Don't know how we'll do that.

See?? One day with Mom off the clock and the whole house falls apart.

So I have to go back to cleaning the house up and child wrangling but thought I'd update since I hadn't in forever.


Leann said...

It's good to see the update. Maybe you can find a used couch through craigslist or something? No sense in having good things until the kids are grown :-)