This last weekend we went to Edwin's mothers to visit. My nephew Joey was in town so we let the cousins play together.

My previously tense relationship with my MIL has eased remarkably. We're actually bordering on friends. I don't know what changed but I'm not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

I was still suffering from a cold this weekend, had a wicked cough. So after not sleeping all Saturday night, I got up and took some Nyquil. When I looked at the clock on my way back to bed I saw it was 6am! Flippin' daylight savings! So I slept and slept and stumbled around drunk, and slept some more. I was out of it ALL day.

The kids had a blast together which was nice. They always enjoy one another's company. They ran around and made the house sound like it was full of elephants so I'm sure MIL and her dog were glad when everyone left.

Lori's been doing her new school for a week and seems to like it so far. She's doing well I think but I'll cop to not fully getting it in the minute details but hope to find the rest out as I go. Still have some tutorials to go through.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and I have no plans in place. Thanksgiving will be just another day. Perhaps we'll get REAL festive and get chinese take out.

Today I heard that there was flood watch and wind advisory for our town. The first thing that struck me? A song. "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...." Pacific Northwest winter you are a predictable bitch.


Leann said...

I don't know if we got the winds last night, by the look of things we didn't as there was no debris around. But it rained and rained and rained. People at work are starting to sing christmas carols. It's kinda cool.

jessicabold said...

I'll take your predictable NW to my South...warm, disgusting South...