Getting back into the swing of life has been difficult. With the holiday break and the loss of a pregnancy my schedule has been lacking. 

We are doing well, healing, making no decisions. Just taking life as it comes. Of course, if we decided to make a decision, every one has an opinion. I've gotten more unsoliciated advice about whether to concive again than I did about being pregnant. Everyone knows best. 

But, that's life, that's people. Well intentioned I'm sure but unappreciated.

The kids had a good Christmas and break. Getting back on schedule has been difficult for them. 

Lori got her hair cut short after a long time of fighting about bathing and grooming. Plus, she kept getting food in it, but wouldn't wear it back. So now it's in a type of pixie and she's much happier with it. Have to cut David's because he is starting to look like a q-tip head. All poof on top of a skinny body.

Time is flying by. Lori and Michelle are going to be 9 this year!! David will be 4. 4!!!! How the heck did I end up with a 9 and 4 year old?! 

Sometimes, life seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.


Leann said...

Lori's hair is adorable and I'm sure you both will be much happier with it.

Yes, people always have an opinion which is fine, it's the sharing it that's not so kewl :-)

I love the new look.