To conserve money we're considering going back to apt. living. We could save a couple hundred dollars in rent plus save on utilities. We could use that money to pay down our debt and be that much closer to where we want to be. The only pause we have is that we HATE apt. living! I mean....HATE IT.

But, it would be for just a short while. We'll have to downsize some of our stuff, but that needs to be done anyway. It's hard to see a down side when the short term won't be too bad and the long term goals will be met.

Plus, it's less area for me to clean!


Leann said...

Wow, what an adjustment. Can you still be in a nice apt complex with a pool and or play structure for the kids?

Jessi said...

Yeah, the one we're looking at is very nice with an indoor pool and other fun things! It will be good.