I made my first cake from scratch today! I also made macaroni and cheese from scratch! I made fried chicken as well. I think MAYBE the cake will turn out ok. The cheese and chicken left something to be desired. Learning experience I guess. Hoping to do more scratch cooking but good lord it's time consuming and messy.. I'm in denial about my kitchen.

Thankfully today was a better day. Lori seems to have moved past the whining stage. She spent her day doing school work because it's preferable to doing nothing. So she's catching up! and she is not a pain anymore! I hope hope hope hope this continues.


Rodney said...

congrats on the cake! As for the messy kitchen i can relate. What was the occasion for home cooking?

Jessi said...

New cookbook that Edwin bought me. Seemed if he was going to buy the one I wanted, I should at least cook out of it at least once ;-)