Today I'm wondering if I should get a career. I feel like I should be doing more. It's been 10 years since high school and while I have 2 beautiful children I feel like I want to do more.

I've been considering for some time the prospect of being a midwife. I want to help women have successful safe births. I've been called a little militant about hospital births and I guess that true on some level.

Hospital creates a worse case scenerio and intervenes in ways that create more problems than they solve. Women have been birthing with only other women to help forever. Even in current society, Europe relys almost exclusively on midwives for non-complex births. They still vaginally deliver breech and multiples. There are so many unnesscary c-sections.

But do I become direct entry or a nurse-midwife? Do I instead just be a doula and help women who birth in the hospital?


I have to decide.



Rodney said...

welll.. my thoughts are possibly to look into being a direct entry midwife. A doula seems to be a more supportive role. You might look into an apprenticeship program, to better understand the job. That way you might get a better idea what direction to go. Another idea might be to call around & talk to a local doula or midwife.