So we've been super busy moving into our new place(pictures to come probably) and getting into the swing of things after spring break and spring week.

We're almost unpacked...well, we have less boxes to unpack than when we started. I hate unpacking when there's not enough space. I feel like if I just tried harder I could find a home for everything but the facts are that there simply isn't enough room!

Edwin and I have been discussing hanging pictures for, well, two weeks now. We've yet to do it. I started doing it on my own but they were slightly crooked and Edwin was all "blah blah blah deposit, holes, haveyoulostyoureverlovinmind?!" so I gave up until he can help.

You see, Edwin has a system. He holds the picture against the wall with a level to make sure it's straight, then has me mark the corners, then he takes it down and measures the distance from the top of the frame to the nail holder-thingy. Measure twice nail once. Generally it means that the pictures hang perfectly without making many holes only centimeters apart(my method).

As you can tell, that's a totally lame way to hang a photo. What is hanging pictures without worrying about if that new hole will hold above the old one?! It's all about the risk.

So, we haven't done that. Probably because in our last place we were on the phones with divorce lawyers before it got done. We have VERY different views on it and each of us may or may not be ever so slightly crazy control freak-y.'s been mentioned a couple times by various crackpots friends.

The children are loving the new place and seem to barely remember the old one. It's probably the indoor pool.

We also got a new cat name Mojo Thunder. He's quiet large. About 16lbs. He's between 7-10 and a sweety. He's got a mind of his own but is pretty good with the kids. He leaves before he scratches. Our biggest challange has been David wanting to play fighting games with the cat.. Apparently a 3year old with a foam sword rushing you is scarry to kitty. Go figure!

I just got back from helping a family friend through some tough times. She's early in her pregnancy and was on bedrest for a week following some spotting. It seemed to be adhesions from her c-section 9 years ago, but better safe than sorry. She was also having some emotional stuff so I stayed to keep her company and help her with her kids. While the circumstances were less than ideal, it was fun.

Ok, I should go finish my house work so that the house doesn't totally come crashing down. Perhaps unpack some more pesky boxes.