For Memorial Day weekend we decided to take the kids to the beach. The first day we ended up being in the car the entire time driving down the coast line looking for the 'perfect' beach. We ended up 151 miles down the coast. Driving home was shorter because we didn't take the round about long way. The kids had fun and we ended up staying in this awful hotel, I bugs, but it was the worst thing I've ever slept in. Ick ick ick Econolodge in Lincoln City. It was the best we could do on a holiday weekend. Everything else was sold out. And the clerk knew it. We paid THROUGH THE NOSE for crap.

But the next day we had good food and played at the beach for hours. We even put on enough sunscreen so no one got burned!

Edwin made castles

Complete with moat. The moat made David insane! He kept trying to fill it in. Before we left for the day, he had to fill in the moat because it 'had a hole, i need fix hole'.. kind of cute but was an irritation for Dad.

David was having fun filling and dumping his bucket. He had even more fun making his sisters scream by destroying their buildings.

Michelle was pretty laid back and was having lots of fun. I couldn't keep her and Lori out of the waves. They both got soaked from the thighs down.

Lori's hair is so fine it doesn't remain in clips or hair ties.. So she was on the beach looking like her mother doesn't love her. But she had fun.. She was doing most of the yelling.

Both of the kids wanted to take home parts of dead things. Crab legs, sand crab carcass, and such.. yuck!!

Hope your Memorial Weekend was awesome!


Leann said...

Well of course they had to get wet Mom, I mean what's the point of going to the ocean if you're not gonna get wet??!! Really! LOL

It looks like everyone had a good time. What did you do when you weren't holding the camera?

Jessi said...

Building sandcastles, chasing David back up the beach, digging a moat, a word search.. Was kind of all over the place. you know, I was being a mom!