Did you know today is Wednesday?! I just realized about ten minutes ago.

My days recently go basically the same, get up, pack Lori's lunch, feed the kids breakfast, send Lori to school and start my day with David.

Today David experienced finger painting. He seemed to like it but didn't care for the gooey hands. He's the only toddler I know that hates being dirty. Especially his hands. So two pieces of artwork and a few pictures of him painting(coming later) and he was ready to call it quits.

He has so much personality and is so different than my first. Some days I wish I could have a hundred more. Other times, like say nap time, I wonder what I was thinking having any..

Such is the life of a mother.


Leann said...

It sounds like Dave had a good time and it will be nice to see the pics.

You changed the format. Looks good.