Today, this woman kicked my butt. Consider me Shredded for the day. I made it 10 minutes into her 30 minute workout before my body would no longer do the moves.

Fun fact, jumping jacks are rough on a post baby body. Have to go to a store today if I want to continue doing the workout but less laundry.

I filmed my son playing with finger paint yesterday. Posted it today on Youtube.

I watch this video and it makes me smile. Wish I'd had a camera when my little girl was a baby/toddler.

Sometimes life goes by so much faster than we can keep track of.

Lori isn't going to her Dad's this weekend. Her little sister was hospitalized for a while because of pneumonia and now is on some kind of medication that suppresses her immune system, so we're being on the safe side. We all know public school is a cesspool of germs. Is that redundant? Cesspool of germs? I'll have to look up the exact definition of cesspool.
Ah, interwebs how I love the public spectacle I can make of myself from my own home.

Like I was saying before I rambled off on my own, we'll have all three kids this weekend. Hopefully we'll do something fun.

Have a good weekend.


Leann said...

I knew Deanna had been in the hospital because I saw her mom but did not know why. That's too bad and I hope she gets better. There has been a lot of that going around this winter/spring.

LOVED the video of Dave. It would have been so nice to have that when Lori was little. But ... as much as she loves to perform it should make some interesting video :-)

Keep up the good work on the 'shredding' I know it's hard work, but will pay off.

Love you and enjoy the weekend. At least the weather is good and the kids can play outside :-)