"Mom, I'm hungry." Those words are some that I HATE to hear. Not for reasons other moms hate it. Other moms worry about what they'll feed their kids, where the food or money for food will come from. I hate those words because my daughter can't stop eating.

She eats and eats and eats until her stomach aches. She'll eat more than me. She'll eat several FULL meals a day. She wakes up hungry, she takes a snack for school, she eats a large lunch, she asks for food as soon as she gets home. She will literally eat from the moment she comes in until time for bed. And not like, oh I'll nibble here or there. No. She eats an entire package of crackers, a full bowl of applesauce, left overs, bread, fruit, and then ask for dinner. Then ask for seconds at dinner. Then ask for a pre-bed snack.

I don't know what to do.

Today she came in and went straight for the fridge. I told her no snack because I was making an early dinner tonight. She went upstairs to put her bag away, back down into the fridge "Mom can I have..." NO! I told you no snack, I'll be making dinner soon. "Mom can I have...?" NO go upstairs. "ugh mom I just want a snack I'm SO hungry" and bring on the tears. Which, I'll be honest, piss me off. She's overweight she isn't dying she had a lunch and snack at school, she will be fine for another hour. That it's SO big a deal that there are TEARS over it make me furious.

All the way around I'm so fed up with dealing with her issues. It isn't HER, it's things beyond her control but about her. I'm tired of not having my calls returned, not having insurance for her, not having a clue how to deal with any of it. I'm at the end of my rope.


Leann said...

I'm betting it's frustrating for her and you.

Did you try the gum thing when she asks for food?

Have you tried giving her a project to do to keep her busy instead?

Just throwing out suggestions.

The insurance issue....ugh...I wish I had some answers for you on that one. It hurts to watch the situation and not be able to help.

I love you all.